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Springvale Neighbourhood House is committed to community development, social inclusion, cultural connection, and celebration of multiculturalism. We are a community-run, not-for-profit community house, Registered Training Organisation and Learn Local. The House continues to provide a welcoming "home away from home" for all, regardless of country of birth, language, religion, citizenship, gender, age or visa status.
Springvale Neighbourhood House is a place of learning, social activities and cultural celebration. We provide formal learning in English and digital literacy, daily drop-in activities, healthy lifestyle classes, cultural and multicultural social groups, classes in cultural arts and craft, outings and community celebrations. The House is home to 46 cultural and multicultural groups who meet on all days of the week, including weekends.
Our venues are welcoming and staff are friendly. We keep our fees very low (i.e. groups and activities fees are a gold coin donation). We run a mix of courses from beginner to Certificate 3 levels. We provide adult learning which is focused on student learning goals and employment skills. Our tutors are all qualified in adult literacy and teaching English as an additional language.




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