springvale tai chi group1There are 15 members of our group. Five new members joined in 2016.

Our group started because we wanted to learn Tai Chi and get fit. We have two Tai Chi masters who love teaching us and helping us to master the moves. Our group is growing as people realise that Tai Chi is helping us to stay healthy, fit and supple.

We participated in the Harmony Festival and Snowfest in 2015 and 2016. We also presented at the Enterprise Marker Launch.           
We like coming to Springvale Neighbourhood House because it is close to home. It has a calm, peaceful environment to practice our Tai Chi. The staff are happy and helpful and provide a great atmosphere.

SNH has helped us to increase our membership and has promoted our Sunday afternoon classes. We really enjoyed being involved in the Harmony Festival where we performed Tai Chi on a big stage and showed what we do!

We loved the response from the crowd at the Snowfest! We participated in the Vesak Celebrations with the Lakhanda Elderly Group! We are looking forward to growing our membership next year!




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