Springvale Neighbour­hood House was purpose-built through an unemployed youth project whose participants constructed hand-made bricks with clay from the local quarry.

The House is unique in the Neighbourhood House movement, established for self-help and empowerment of the culturally diverse community of the City of Greater Dandenong.

It provides a meeting place for newly arrived migrants and refugees, and local residents overcoming their feelings of social isolation.

During the years 1983 to 1992 many cultural groups arriving at Enterprise Hostel made their way to The House, and with its assistance, established support groups for their emerging communities enabling them to settle successfully in the local community.  Many of these people are still involved with the House, which has continued to be based on self help and support, rather than classes and programs.

In the two decades that have followed, many new migrants, refugees and asylum seekers have found their way to Springvale Neighbourhood House.  With each new group, the House grows richer through sharing new cultural experiences including traditions, dance, song, language, food and celebrations.

Springvale Neighbourhood House played a major role in coordinating and running multicultural events including Sumnation World Cultural Festival (1996-2006), All Nations Arts and Craft Market,(2003) and annual Diversity Day celebrations since 2008. In 2016, in partnership with the City of Greater Dandenong, Springvale Neighbourhood House held a successful Harmony Festival in Dandenong’s Harmony Square.

Springvale Neighbourhood House is a Registered Training Organisation running English language, computer and literacy classes.

Our Neighbourhood Learning Centre coordinates ESL classes in Springvale and suburbs across the City of Greater Dandenong.

The House is home to 54 community groups and continues to provide a welcoming “home away from home” for all, regardless of country of birth, language, religion, citizenship or visa status.





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