The Somalian Cultural Youth  Group has 65 members and 7 new members joining us this year.

During the year we hold Somalian language classes for children 6-15 years old.   

Our group have celebrated the EID Festival giving support to our members during the festival where we danced and ate together. 

We attended the Harmony Festival in Dandenong in March that had our group attend the dress parade in our cultural dress.

Our group likes coming to SNH because it’s close to where we reside. We feel welcome and enjoy learning. We enjoy sharing food and exchanging ideas. SNH has helped our group to carry out our programs . The Springvale Neighbourhood House is a great support for our group  giving us a place for our community can gather and hold events.

.Next year we are looking forward to arranging more meetings and helping our children to learn our language as well as English.


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