This class meets weekly at Springvale and another class meets weekly at Dandenong . It is an adult literacy and numeracy class restricted to learners with evidence of permanent cognitive impairment/intellectual disability which may be accompanied by additional conditions such as autism, mental health conditions, physical disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and social/emotional issues.

The class is designed to allow for flexible selection of units from a bank of specific literacy and numeracy units.  The aim is to maximise the opportunities for learners with intellectual disability to engage with learning, due to the diversity of intellectual disabilities of learners, which can be accompanied by physical disabilities.  Students participate in excursions to practice literacy and numeracy skills in the real world.  They also join in celebrations and multicultural activities which are run by Springvale Neighbourhood House.  They really enjoy the end of year party which is attended by all community groups. Phone 9574 6399 for further information