The Maya Dance Group has 25-30 members.

We are a dancing group - we perform traditional dances from El Salvador at multicultural, festival and private events and at private functions.

Our achievement is to teach the new generations in our community about El Salvador’s culture through dance. Also to teach the Australian community about El Salvador via our performances.

This is now our fourth generation of dancers in our group and the Springvale Neighbourhood House feels like our dance home! We feel safe and have a sense of belonging.

We celebrated Christmas with the groups that attend the House . Our group enjoyed this activity very much!

Our group also celebrated Mother’s Day and will celebrate Father’s Day with s small gathering!

The House provides a regular weekly time for our dance group to perform. That is the greatest help we can obtain from Springvale Neighbourhood House.

We are looking forward to growing our class size for the fourth generation of dancers as we believe it is very important to keep our culture alive and teach others about it!

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