Huong QueAThe Huong Que Senior Performance Group has 12 member.  We learn and practice folk dancing steps and old songs. We perform our folk dances on many occasions and practice chorus singing. We encourage members to become involved in community activities (learning, practicing and performing) as a contribution to the multicultural community in Dandenong. 

Our group is improving in numbers and in performing. We keep our members healthy and friendly and always in high spirits.

Springvale Neighbourhood House is our place to meet each other, to learn and to practice Vietnamese folk dancing steps or old Vietnamese songs. The staff not only helps small groups like ours but also supports us in many ways.

SNH has helped our group to contribute many performances, provided a room weekly and helped us to get  a grant from the City of Greater Dandenong.

Next year our group is looking forward to being a member of Springvale Neighbourhood House, an active one. We want to achieve more performances and thus contribute more to our community.

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